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Who is bhagwan giri?

Shri Shri 1008 Baba Bhagwan Giriji maharaj has spent their several years at dehriwala sidh pith known as baba Bhagwan Giri ashram located in Amritsar district, Punjab. He belives in meditation, chanting and free service of the nation. He has cured many patients from various diseases without any herbs and Ayurveda's medico. Therefore many devotees came here and they get all his high hopes true with the blessing of Gurudev. There is also a sidh dhunna (holy fire place) all the devotees come for prayer and prayer become true and fulfill Bhagwan Giri name a star. God borne on earth in the form of Bhagwan Giri. The meaning of the name (Bhagwan) is also god and giri is mountain. Gurudevs sidh samadhi sthal is in Rishikesh Mayakund where he took his last breath.- ...More

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